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Kristin Fiore

Instructional Designer

I'm a veteran training developer living in Seattle who's spent more than a decade mastering end-to-end curriculum development — from needs analysis and storyboarding to implementation and KPI metrics. My favorite part of training is using multi-media and interactivity to spice things up, and the opportunities that evolving technology provides.

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I'm a lifelong learner and curious about everything (see for yourself). Diving into new topics and technologies is even more fun when I can help others learn. Writing and web design are long-time hobbies (and former jobs) and great assets when interviewing SMEs, researching subjects, crafting content, and designing courses. I've developed online, classroom, and blended courses for Microsoft, Boeing, and others for the past 11 years. I've trained hundreds of customer service reps, IT admins, and engineers around the globe in software, soft skills, and business processes. My master's in Library and Information Science focused on the integration of technology into online research — something I'm still passionate about and incorporate into my work.

Methodology and Philosophy

There's so much vying for our attention today. Adult learners demand engaging training that's easy to access, digest, and apply to their roles. The days of five-hour PowerPoint extravaganzas have given way to mobile, interactive, media-rich microlearning. I prefer a blended approach that provides the best environment and modality for each topic — classroom discussion, games, and roleplaying; and online simulations, self-paced modules, and video. The world of course creation is equally fast-paced, and requires an agile, iterative development method that allows for ambiguity and shifts in content, scope, and schedule. ADDIE has its place, but the SAM and Agile models allow for continual updates and adjustments.

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Training Development: Storyline 3 and 360, Captivate 8, Adobe Connect. A few years back: Camtasia, Adobe Presenter, Articulate Quizmaker. Cornerstone LMS.

Multi-media: Final Cut Pro, Audacity, Gimp, Photoshop, Microsoft Movie Maker, iMovie

Web Design: BlueGriffon, Visual Studio Code, Dreamweaver. I use Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS3.

Office: Microsoft 365 (Office, Outlook, OneDrive, Excel, SharePoint, Word, PowerPoint, Teams, OneNote), Skype, Visio. Google programs: Sheets, Drive, Docs, Pages.


The top row of samples are not for work projects. They were created as short demos to illustrate Storyline and scenario-based learning.
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Created in Storyline 360. A five-minute demo I created in two days for a job interview -- how to use my favorite app. I chose Duolingo.

Created in Storyline 360. A seven-minute, scenario-based example of soft-skills training on communication types. Demo created for portfolio.

Created in Storyline 360. A sample of scenario-based questions with customized feedback and scoring. Simplified behavioral interview example for demo purposes.

Created in Storyline 3 and (simulations in) Captivate 5. Sample of audio, video, and interactivity in a little introduction to yours truly.

Created in Storyline 3. A short demo I was asked to create to illustrate interactivity and instructions.

Complete 80-page ILT on navigating Microsoft online forums. Forums obsolete, so permission to use granted (pdf).

An excerpt from an ILT course on customer service agent white glove call-downs (pdf).

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